A Gift for Change

Have you ever coached a group of teachers who wanted to change their practice, but couldn’t seem to move forward?

I’ve been attempting to organize my files and ran across a set of slides I used to facilitate a critical friends (CF) discussion among a team of 6 teachers. The teachers wanted to engage their students in more inquiry-based instruction, but couldn’t seem to move away from their comfortable GRR/”stand-and-deliver” mode of instruction. Their principal asked if I would help them and so I did.

After some time of observation, I realized that they would benefit from a reflective-practice focused discussion. Once we established a safe space for honest sharing, the teachers admitted their concerns…and yes, their fears. Providing them the opportunity to reflect on not only their practice, but their feelings resulted in the teachers committing to the following:

  1. Creating a 2-month plan of action to engage students in inquiry-based instruction
  2. Meeting weekly to reflect on their transformational process
  3. Assuming leadership of the CF as I decreased my presence


In short, the session was a success!

Well it’s the season of giving, and so that’s what I’d like to do–give you the actual slides to the session I facilitated. All I ask in return is if you like them, or you find them helpful, please “pay it forward” by sharing the slides with 3 of your colleagues. That’s all. Consider this a gift for change.

Enjoy the slides and enjoy the holidays!

Go here for the slides.


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