Personal Mission

My ultimate goal is to influence educational policy that addresses the challenges of underserved populations and to do so on a global scale. Improving education requires that we transform all aspects of the field (pedagogical application, teacher preparation, information management, multi-faceted processes, public understanding and perceptions, leadership practices, community and business involvement, etc.) Authentic transformation is a big job and my contribution to the field is to take on that challenge. My story will be, “she co-created a sustainable world by contributing improvement solutions to public education.” Each day I awake I am reminded that if I’m still here, I’m still on my journey.

In all of my professional activities I AM the change I want to see in the world.

Dr. B.’s Bio

Sheron Brown, PhD, is founder and Chief Performance Strategist at EdSolutions by Design. At EdSolutions, Dr. Brown partners with school leaders to facilitate the creation of school excellence plans and organizational learning plans. Dr. Brown also designs tools that help good educators become great educators. Dr. Brown is a passionate change agent and systems-thinker who supports leaders in achieving excellence through the development of their people and through continuous improvement. She has served as a classroom teacher, building-level leader, district leader, professional developer, instructional coach, leadership coach, adjunct professor, and a Baldrige Examiner.  You can find her on www.sheronbrownphd.com or connect with her on www.linkedin.com/in/sheronbrownphd and Twitter @DrSBrown.





Dr. B.’s Philosophy


Dr. Brown’s philosophy is based on 3 simple ideals.

  1. People are the heart of an organization. The excellence of a system cannot exceed the excellence of its people; therefore, it is imperative that every individual within the system owns his or her responsibility of personal development. It is equally important that leaders are equipped with the tools to cultivate a culture of learning.
  2. Processes are the heart of our work. In order to engage in continuous improvement, it is critical that we are cognizant of the strategy and approach to our work. It is when we are able to track our processes that we are empowered to determine our challenges and plan to eradicate them.
  3. Results—improved results—are the heart of our purpose. The measurement of our individual and collective growth along with our improved work processes is demonstrated through our results. Therefore, a keen focus on how we do what we do in addition to always working toward excellence is the recipe for our goal: high student achievement.

Dr. B.’s Service


Baldrige Examiner 2012 & 2013


Volunteer Career Coach

Dr. B.’s Hobbies

Visualizing ideas

Wanted: CLO in Education 

Art & Science of Teaching DQ4 Simulation


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