Sheron Brown focuses on making good educators great through coaching and professional learning workshops in the following areas.

Progressive Partnership for Authentic Transformation

Transformation occurs when the leaders in a system focus on creating a new future through embracing continual learning and a new mindset. In doing so, they execute actions that differ from those taken in the past. The Sheronbrownphd Progressive Partnership focuses on this level of profound change.

Through a Progressive Partnership, a extensively trained Sheronbrownphd Associate supports performance excellence in schools by coaching school leadership teams through the following:

  • Establishing processes for transforming their internal systems
  • Creating processes for effective interaction with their external systems
  • Designing and executing a comprehensive organizational learning plan that supports their transformation
  • Providing extended support for implementing, monitoring and evaluating effectiveness throughout the year

The Progressive Partnership supports the busy school leader in providing clearly aligned processes for monitoring and evaluating their transformation priorities regularly throughout the year. Current practices involve analyzing student achievement data; however a balanced approach—one that includes the multiple aspects of the school as a system—is required for authentic and sustainable success. Use the contact form below to begin scheduling a consultation.

The Core Deconstructed Workshop

Deconstructing the CCSS: Educators learn the unique The Core Deconstructed  (TCD) process for deconstructing the Common Core literacy standards, become empowered through understanding how they interact and learn to teach the fullness of each standard. The session empowers educators with tools for practice that yields in immediate application by day’s end. The learning can be delivered in either a 1 or 2-day format.

  • 1-Day Structure: Grounding the Standards—gaining a sound understanding of the standards; Deconstructing the Standards – learning and practicing the process to extract essential elements such as discipline domains and conceptual understandings; and Teaching the Standards—learning and practicing how to design comprehensive lessons using the deconstructed standard.
  • 2-Day Structure: Day 1 is same as above. Day 2 includes the following: Review, Reflect and Refine Understanding; Using TCD to design on-grade level lessons for special education and ELL students; and Using TCD to design CCSS-aligned pre and post unit assessments.

*The 2-Day Structure is recommended.

What is Close Reading Workshop

Close Reading: Educators learn the Critical Thinking Foundation’s (CTF) model of close reading adapted from Mortimer Adler’s How to Read a Book. This hands-on workshop allows teachers to practice all 5 levels of the CTF model, analyze lessons that used the model, and plan three lessons using the model. The lessons will also be peer-reviewed. The session empowers educators with tools for practice that yields in immediate application by day’s end. The learning can be delivered in a 1-day format.

“Your resources are wonderful. Thanks for sharing insights/strategies on the “how to” with the Common Core. So often rhetoric such as “we’re teaching deeper,” “more rigor,” “deep dive” elude teachers who really are looking for practical examples—from start to finish—to teach the Core.” ~C. Hughes, Curriculum Manager, Cincinnati.

Contact us to have Dr. Brown facilitate professional learning in your district or school.


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